Wendy Hensley 

Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor, Roll Model® Practitioner 

Whole Heart Fitness

Release and Restore with Wendy Hensley, certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor, Roll Model® Practitioner and personal trainer, offering:

  • On-site staff classes
  • Department head leader training
  • Upcoming Workshops- Click here
  • Private sessions

Muscle compensations become dysfunctional patterns because of underuse, overuse, abuse and misuse due to our modern activities and lifestyles. Sitting with forward head posture at our computers or smart phones and arms constantly reaching out in front of our bodies stressing our backs and shoulders, standing and walking on cement, causing painful feet, hips and knees.

Join me to learn:

How to release and soothe your painful, tight and knotted-up muscles. Feet to fingers, and head to toes.

How to use Yoga Tune Up® Therapy balls to unknot sticky, dehydrated miofascia layers that keep your body stuck. They will also increase circulation and slide and glide of your tissues for fuller range of motion.

How to “live better in your own body” using the Roll Model Therapy® balls to self-massage your aches and pains. Take charge of your wellness

How to feel better, move better, sleep better and work better

Wendy also teaches public classes at RiversZen Yoga, 1406 Marine Drive, in Astoria.


I enjoyed the Ride Up Your Alley workshop immensely!! Yesterday I was able to feel my horse slow down (at the trot) when I stretched my neck and head up! It was immediately reinforcement. My knee quit hurting too!
I’ll be back for more classes!

Linda Brim
Brim’s Farm & Garden
Astoria, OR

Over a year ago I had injured my shoulder and then really aggravated it moving. When I arrived at Riverszen Wendy worked with me with Yoga Tune Up® Therapy balls and resistance stretching. I am very happy to say that my rotator cuff is healed! I am grateful that I can teach yoga again!
Deborah Steffen
I recommend Riverzen and Wendy highly! Her knowledge is extensive and she shares it freely. Its kind of exciting to see textbook photos of the place that hurts, and how those muscles and tendons connect to other places that need to be strengthened or stretched. She also shows me simple ways to continue these practices at home. Its pretty great to be in charge of my own healing.

 Renee Fruiht